Personalised Packaging by Primsisters…

All of us at Primsisters have ALWAYS been suckers for pretty packaging. Remember those people that used to give christmas cards full of glitter? That totally would’ve been one of us. Since we have started our own creative business, this gives us the perfect opportunity to wrap goodies, big or small, a gift or simply for you, fantastically. So you can expect every purchase you make from us to be delivered to you with a touch of confetti and a dusting of glitter! And to make things even better…we make personalised fabric gift tags which can be added to ANY of the products you purchase from us AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. Good eh? That way, you can be sure that all of your gifts have been packaged totally unique to the special people you’ve bought them for.

Important note: Our gift tags must be removed from any products intended for children before handing the product to them. They also must be removed from any products which it’s use involves harbouring an open flame e.g candles, tea lights etc.